I have always held a vision of living a life free of debt.

This post from four years ago exemplifies a few key things I have been taught over my career. The importance of vision, belief, declaration, and environment.

Four Years ago post


Vision: It is of the utmost importance you have a vision for your future. It has been said a goal without a deadline is simply a dream. It has always been a vision of mine to not live life by the status quo, and to live a debt free life, even if it meant short term sacrifices for long term benefits. My vision four years ago was to pay my first house off within a five year time. It only took two www.adamgreen.ca/debtfree.

Belief: My mentor and friend Richard Bliss Brooke taught me through the Four Year Career  “Belief does not come from success, success comes from belief” — Four years ago I had developed a strong belief in myself, my business, and my goal of becoming debt free by 28 years old. Since then my belief has grown immensely, as has the success of my business. I encourage you today wherever you are in life, to believe much bigger, much sooner in yourself and the god given potential that exists within you.

Declaration: Four years ago I did not fully understand how I was going to achieve the goal I set for myself in the next five years, but I made the bold declaration anyway. Eric Worre has taught me repeatedly over the past three years that successful people “Say yes, tell the world, and figure it out”. My challenge for you reading this is you make a declaration today publicly, and figure out how to make that goal come true. Whether it is a financial goal, a weight loss goal, a lifestyle goal, a charitable goal, I want you to declare and grow in the belief of your ability to achieve said goal.

Environment: There are many great personal development educators that have taught the importance of your environment and the law of association, where you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Over the past four years, I have continuously strived to surround myself with people more successful than myself in every area of life. My goal is to always remain humble, coachable, and hungry for growth in my life to serve others more effectively. I believe I was able to crush the goal I set four years ago in half the time (and then some) due to the environments I have placed myself in repeatedly. If you want to have better health and wellness, then immersing yourself in an environment with like minded people who have similar visions and goals will make your goal much more attainable. If you want to be debt free, surround yourself with people who are fiscally responsible and learn from their behaviours and habits. Your environment is such a crucial component of your growth, and one of the reasons we moved last month to a new province and community, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones so we could experience more growth. We even prayerfully selected the exact community we would be moving to with this in mind, putting ourselves in a community that I felt we would be surrounded by people I could continue to learn from and grow.


New House

I am writing this post from our new dream home in British Columbia, Canada that we moved into 31 days ago while not compromising on our standard of debt free living. Just under a year ago I published my first book 25 To Life www.25tolifebook.com which has organically sold over 30,000 copies, and Vanessa and I are preparing for one of the biggest speaking engagements to date that we are excited to share the details of with everyone soon enough. None of these goals actually existed for us four years ago, but I believe we are here through a perfect plan that has been laid out before us, and through our commitment to vision &belief, and becoming byproducts of the environments we have placed ourselves into.


25 to Life Book Cover

My upgraded vision and belief for the next year of life leading until August 14th, 2017 (the original goal of the post four years ago) is to impact and reach more people in the next year than the previous four years combined. To double our own business in the next 12 months, reaching more families than ever before with a message of wellness, purpose, and abundance. I will see more people living their life authentically and to their true purpose. I will grow personally and professionally. I will be a catalyst for leadership development within our team, and profession. I will continue to serve to the best of my ability, not expecting perfection from myself or those around me, only expecting the absolute best effort from all parties.
I leave you with the words of Solomon “Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18(KJV).

Develop a vision for your future and how you will impact the world, and commit to a journey of continual growth and service.